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Do I Really Need a Wedding Planner or Coordinator?

Wow…my first blog post!

Thinking about where I was in 2016 vs now – just wow. I can't believe we're here, in March of 2023. A year after I decided I was ALL IN! This year I LLC’d, built a website, attended the Wedding Summit Series on Marketing, & just started thinking intentionally about my business. And now I'm starting a blog?! I’m just so excited about this growth and for my wedding season to kick off in April!

So now that I’ve stroked my own ego, let’s dive right into today’s topic! WHY should you hire a planner (or at the least – a coordinator. Yes, they are different roles) for your wedding??

Weddings aren’t getting any cheaper, so I understand that you’re looking to cut some costs. So you may think “well my mom has helped a lot, so she knows what’s going on” OR “I have a cousin who got married last year, and she said she could look after things.” My NUMBER ONE reason why you should hire a planner/coordinator: Your friends & family have done enough. They should be able to enjoy the day just like you. They should be in candids on the dance floor, or from the ceremony, bawling, as you walk down the aisle. Your mom deserves to sit down and rest her feet, have a glass of wine, and enjoy a good meal (because let’s be honest, she’s probably handled most of your crisis during this whole thing!). And this is a little sad – but it must be said – these people won’t be around forever. You will want those memories captured by your photographer & you’ll want to be able to look back and think of when you and your aunt started a conga line - because you hired a coordinator and she wasn't worried about your timeline.

So now that I’ve got number ONE out of the way – let’s move into the rest of the list.

2. They know the industry. Perhaps you’re pretty organized, or maybe you’ve planned a party or two. That’s great. But do you know what it takes to pull together a wedding? Do you know the average costs? How to break down your budget? Do you know when to start planning to make sure you have ample time to book your dream team of vendors? Do you know how long it takes for your dress to come in? Do you know your area's marriage license requirements? I can help you with all of these questions. And guess what? If I don’t have the answer (or just need a second opinion) – chances are, I know someone who DOES know. And I’m not afraid to ask on your behalf.

3. The Preferred List. In your hands, you have a list of some of the most awesome people whose goals are YOUR goals for your dream day! These are people your planner/coordinator has worked with personally and has given that golden stamp of approval to. When you start planning on your own, you’ll quickly realize how large the vendor pool has grown and it’s easy to get lost in it. Let the preferred list do your shopping for you. And if you’re not vibing with someone on the list, or you want to do more research, your planner is there to help you with that and offer other recommendations!

4. Life is BUSY. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an extra set of hands? I think that more often these days. Your planner can be that for you. Maybe you’ve got a full college schedule, or your job is demanding. Based on your contract and packages, your planner can assist you with vendor communications, scheduling venue tours or consultations, and doing research. This way your free time isn’t being used JUST for your wedding planning, and you can enjoy your engagement.

5. You’ve spent hours on Pinterest crafting your perfect wedding day board and started your wedding website on the Knot. But you’ve yet to really put anything into action because you have no idea where to start. Your planner/coordinator can help you take those first steps in your planning process and give you the tools you need to keep you on track. My packages come with a month-by-month planning timeline customized to YOUR day (must be added if booking the basic package), so even if you don’t need me checking in on you every week, you can have the confidence that you’re getting everything done in a timely manner.

6. It's human nature - someone HAS to be in charge. And what I mean is, if you don’t hire a coordinator for your wedding day, someone is naturally going to have to take on that role to an extent. Your photographer & DJ most likely. They have jobs to do, they have specific contracts. They should not be solely managing your timeline and moving you through your day. And they definitely can’t (and shouldn’t have to) break away from their duties to help you with a crisis. I've had vendors tell me about the weddings they've worked at that didn't have a coordinator - it wasn't a positive experience. This kind of goes with number one as well, don’t leave a family member or friend feeling like they need to take control of your wedding day for it to run smoothly because you didn’t have someone in place and you’re starting to feel the stress.

And lastly… 7. All. Of. The. Details. Who will pin the boutonnieres? None of your girls know how to bustle your dress – who can help? You want the ceremony flowers to be used at your reception, who will move them? You dropped something on your dress!! Does someone have a tide stick? How does the DJ know when to play which songs? Who will put your to-go plates & bags into your limo? Who will make your plates at the reception so you actually EAT something? The flower girl is starting to have a meltdown, who can figure out what to do? The answer? – Me.

So if you’re reading this and you’ve made it this far – congrats on your engagement! If someone you know has suggested a planner or coordinator for your wedding day, they’re RIGHT! You can plan your wedding all day, but you can’t run it while you’re getting married. It’s just so important that you hire someone to oversee & manage the day that you’ve worked so hard to design so that you can be fully PRESENT in your day. Happy planning!

xo, Ashley

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